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Our all-natural heating and cooling sacks are made of corn or rice, in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can warm your baby's carseat, make your fingers and toes toasty in the winter, cool your forehead and neck on hot summer afternoons, soothe your aching muscles, or provide the therapeutic benefit of lavender during calming naps.

Each heating and cooling sack is designed for maximum functionality. For example, the larger sacks and sacks that wrap around your neck have channel stitching to keep the filling from shifting around.

Most heating sacks have a cover that is washable and closes with a hook-and-loop closure. The cover separates the actual sack from your skin for extra comfort. It also helps retain heat or cold. When a corn sack is heated, the cover collects moisture from the corn and intensifies the comfort properties.

This is the soft and natural way to soothe your body. These cloth pads are just terrific for soothing your aches and pains. Pop the pad into the microwave for a minute or so, or the freezer for thirty minutes. Choose the right size or shape for maximum coverage of your arms, neck, shoulders, knees, ankles and more. Use over and over again! Assorted colors. Makes a great gift!

8x18 Corn Sack Warmer Corn Sack Hand Warmer 12x14 Lavendar and Rice Sack Warmer
"Corn Sack" Hand Warmers
5 x 4 inches
$7.00 each
"Sleep Sack"
Lavender and Rice Sack
12 x 12 inches
"Corn Sack"
All-Purpose Warmer
8 x 18 inches
12x12 Corn Sack Warmer
"Corn Sack"
All-Purpose Warmers
12 x 12 inches

Uses for your Warmer

There are many uses for heating and cooling sacks:

To relieve aches and pains - the 12x12 Corn Sack is especially good for cramps or knee pain, while the 8x18 size is good for neck or back pain.
To warm your bed - put the the 12x12 Corn Sackat the foot of the bed before you get in, or use it to pre-heat a car seat for that little one on cold winter mornings.
Tuck small corn sacks in your pockets to keep your fingers warm while you wait at the bus stop. Use this size for hot and cold spot therapy.
Keep one in your freezer to use as a cold pack in the summer.

The Sleep Sack uses the soothing scent of lavendar for your baby's crib.

Corn Sacks and Sleep Sacks make wonderful gifts for friends or loved ones.

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